U-10 Thunder Undefeated in Tournament Win

U10 Chatham Thunder – London Lynx Tournament Champions – Submitted Photo

The Chatham Thunder U-10 Ringette novice team went undefeated this past weekend to win gold at the 32nd annual London Lynx Tournament. They showed tremendous depth throughout the team to climb to the top of the rankings and defeat Forest White in the finals Sunday Afternoon. The following is a summary of their tournament.

Friday November 9 2012

Game 1

Chatham 14 Paris 1

Goals by Natasha Anderson 2, Shelby Ritzer 3, Martina Legere 3, Hannah McLeod 2, Emilie Newman, Leah Thompson, Delaney George, Kaitlyn Sammon.
Assists Hannah McLeod 2, Kylyn Murphy, Emilie Newman, Natasha Anderson, Leah Thompson, Delaney George

Saturday November 10 2012

Game 2

Chatham 11 Forest White 7

Goals by Martina Legere 3, Delaney George 2, Hannah Mcleod 2, Natasha Anderson, Kaitlyn Sammon, Kylyn Murphy, Leah Thompson,
Assists Leah Thompson 2, Kaitlyn Sammon, Emilie Newman and Chloe Crone

Game 3

Chatham 11 London1 2

Goals by Kylyn Murphy 3, Hannah McLeod 2, Kaitlyn Sammon, Natasha Anderson, Shelby Ritzer, Chloe Crone, Martina Legere, and Leah Thompson
Assists from Emilie Newman, Natasha Anderson, Chloe Crone, Kaitlyn (Rosie) Warner, Martina Legere 2

Sunday November 11 2012

Game 4 Semi Finals

Chatham 11 Forest Blue 1

Goals by Hannah Mcleod 3, Emilie Newman 2, Martina Legere, Kaitlyn Sammon, Natasha Anderson, Shelby Ritzer, Leah Thompson and Chloe Crone.
Assists by Kaitlyn Sammon 3, Kaitlyn (Rosie) Warner, Hannah Mcleod, Natasha Anderson and Leah Thompson

Game 5 Final Gold Medal Game

Chatham 10 Forest White 2

Goals by Natasha Anderson 3, Emilie Newman 2, Kaitlyn Sammon 2, Leah Thompson 2, Chloe Crone 1.
Assists by Emilie Newman 2, Hannah Mcleod 2, Sophie Horban, Natasha Anderson, Shelby Ritzer, Chloe Crone, Kaitlyn (Rosie) Warner, Martina Legere, and Leah Thompson.

The winning goalie for the tournament was Avery Haines.

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