Blackbird Tops In Province

Cobras Taekwondo - Jewelian Blackbird

Cobra’s Taekwondo competitors – Contributed Photo

Chatham’s Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre had two athletes join with their team PCT competing at the 2015 Provincial Game 1 held in Mississauga.

Jewelian Blackbird leading in to the game was ranked number 1 in the junior female light middle (-59kg) division. Jewelian remained number 1 with two decisive victories. Looked very calm and collected, and very focused. Sharp performance.

Qaid Robinson(12) competed in his first blackbelt competition in the cadet (12-14) male feather (-45kg) division. In the very populated category despite a valiant effort was defeated in his opening bout. Nothing at all to be ashamed of as this division is full of great talent and Qaid gave his best on the day.

Other athletes that competed for PCT Sport Taekwondo Team, Chloe Pretty 1st place junior female -46kg division, Danielle Ennett 1st place junior female +68kg division, Kaitlin Berdan 1st place senior female -49kg division, Urvashi Thongam 2nd place in the same division and 3rd place in the female junior -49kg division, Alex Belli 2nd place in the male cadet -49kg division, Billy Schenk 3rd in the senior male -54kg division, Lauren Anderson also with 3rd in the female senior -57kg division, Akshay Thongam finished 2nd in the junior male -48kg division, Master Mark Warburton collected 3rd in the senior male -87kg division.

Provincial Games is a blackbelt only tournament, game 2 is scheduled for September 13th and 14th with location to be determined. Final game is scheduled for October 25th and 26th, which will be a round robin game (everyone fights everyone) with the top 5 players in each category.

Keegan Kovar (8) of Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre lead PCT into the Provincial Game competing in the Ontario Open on the Saturday. There was no contestants in the 8 and under division. Not only did he move up to blackbelt division but also up in age to the 9-10 year old division, yet no signs of him being out of place he was successful in the semis. In the finals he played against another very talented athlete and came up short finishing with 2nd.

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