Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings: Week 12

The Wallaceburg Lakers and Alvinston Flyers are battling to climb out of the Great Lakes' basement - Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

The Wallaceburg Lakers and Alvinston Flyers are battling to climb out of the Great Lakes’ basement – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

Week 12 of the Junior C Great Lakes Hockey League schedule is in the books, and the Essex 73s remain dominant, but will that stay the case. Teams are beginning to catch on, and the ranks are closing in the league. Mark Hagerman runs down the list in this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Hockey League Power Rankings.

#1 EsEssex-73s-Logosex 73’s / Last week #1

Essex continues to do what it takes to hold their position, the 73’s have certainly exceeded their own expectations at this
point in the season.
Record: 20-2-1-1

Amherstburg-Admirals-Logo#2 Amherstburgh Admirals / Last week #3

The Admirals are proving what was known all along, the depth of the lines Can’t fail when they are playing full strength.
Record: 15-8-0-0




#3 Lakeshore Canadiens / Last Week #2

The Canadiens were caught off gaurd playing in the top three this week. Some discipline on the ice may be all it takes to put things back to normal in week thirteen.
Record: 14-9-0-1


Blenheim-Blades-Alternative-Logo #4 Blenheim Blades / Last week #5

Blenheim still struggles to find three periods of consistent hockey, roster additions have increased goal production but scoring goals alone will not win games against the top teams in the division.
Record: 14-10-0-0



Wheatley-Sharks-Logo #5 Wheatley Sharks / Last week #4

A split this week will have the Sharks looking to find the answer to the 73’s. Wheatley as others will have to start breaking down the Essex system.
Record: 12-10-0-2


#6 Alvinston Flyers / Last week #7

Alvinston is my pick for the team that is a thorn in your side. When the Flyers play their disciplined system they can compete with any team in the division.
Record: 8-13-0-1


Dresden-Kings-Logo#7 Dresden Kings / Last week #6

The Kings and their new players are feeling out the waters. Dresden will be looking for the chemistry needed on the bench to get the team back on track.
Record: 11-11-2-0


Wallaceburg-Lakers-Logo #8 Wallaceburg Lakers / Last week #8

In only one game this week the Lakers would show the 73’s that they can slow the train down. Wallaceburg may just be gearing up for an early contest in the playoffs with Essex.
Record: 5-13-0-3



Mooretown-Flags-Logo #9 Mooretown Flags / Last week #9

The Flags also search for consistency in their game duration. Mooretown can play a damaging game against a strong offense but it
can be short lived. Conditioning and discipline may be the answer.
Record: 5-16-1-0


What do you think of this weeks Great Lakes Junior C Power Rankings? Agree? Disagree? Let us know in the comments section below.

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