Cobras Medal At Toronto Open

Cobras Taekwondo

Cobras Taekwondo members show off their medals at the Toronto Open – Contributed Photo

Cobra’s Taekwondo Training had several athletes representing Chatham at this years Toronto Open held at Athletic Variety Village in Scarborough, Ontario.

Maddux Beuckelare (6-7 green/blue stripe), won by a point gap of 12-2, and second match won gold with a a score of 5-2.

Katey Kovar (8-9 yellow/green stripe) won her first match by point gap 14-4, and in match number two, 4-4 tie and takes it over time making her way to the finals were she ended it in the first round by point gap 13-3 in the first round.

Jayson Reno (8-9 green/blue stripe) won the quarterfinals 6-0, finishing with bronze in the semis.

Trenton Blackbird (10-11 black belt) won the quarters 10-2, also finishing in the semis with bronze against a player from New York.

Keegan Kovar (10-11 blackbelt division fin weight) won his first match by point gap in the second round with a score of 12-2. He met up with USA national team member from New York in the semis and claimed the bronze.

Jewelian Blackbird played in both Junior and Senior divisions. Juniors she won her first match by point gap 18-4 match two 6-2 and fell short in the semis to a USA national team member from Connecticut with a score of 3-2. Later she met the same athlete in the semis in the senior division and finished 4th with a 4-1 loss.

On the second day of the Toronto Open, Alex Belii had a strong performance in his opening match in Cadet -53kg, but fell a bit short at the last second.

Chloe Pretty and Urvashi Thongam competed in -49kg in both junior and senior. Chloe is fighting up for senior (17+) as she only just turned 15 a few weeks ago. Both girls went out in semi finals in both age divisions so had to fight each other for the bronze each time. They fought without coaches for the junior bronze medal with Urvashi winning 1-0. For the senior bronze, Chloe Pretty played a very smart game to take the senior bronze 5-0.

Jewelian Blackbird had 6 matches on day two, finishing fourth place in junior (4 matches) as well as seniors (2 matches). Both age divisions she narrowly lost to the same USA junior national team member.

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