Clock Ticking On Chatham Ball Hockey League

chatham ball hockey leagueThe Chatham Ball Hockey League is in a dire situation, with low registration numbers this season putting the future of the league in jeopardy.

According to long time organizer and convener Wyatt Williams, the clock is ticking for players to register before the league is shut down.

“Players and Parents – I will give it till the end of next week for the late registrations to get in before I decide the fate of the league,” he wrote on the Chatham Ball Hockey League Facebook page. “As of this moment, none of the divisions would go, as the numbers just do not support it. So if you have friends that would like to play, or you have yet to sign, do so promptly.”

The week prior when registration closed, Williams posted current registration numbers, most significantly below the required number to field multiple teams in the league. The closest division was the youngest, the Novice players, who were still 8 players short of the required threshold.

Anyone interested in registering should immediately contact Wyatt Williams by calling 519-351-0364 or emailing

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