Savannah Emmott: “To Any Girls Who Want To Try A New Sport, Go For It”

Savannah Emmott

Savannah Emmott

Savannah Emmott has let anything stand in her way.

She’s proved herself on the field both in men’s and women’s sports over the last year, excelling in both football and rugby for the UCC Lancers.

After breaking barriers, she hopes any young girl interested in trying a new sport, even if it is one typically played by boys, that they just go for it.

“To any girls who want to try a new sport, go for it,” Emmott, who played for the UCC Lancers senior boys football team said. “Put your whole heart into it and give it 100% of your effort. If you do this you’ll get the most out of your experience.”

For Emmott, football was a big boost to her confidence.

“Football drastically boosted my confidence and self-esteem. As the only girl on the team I felt like I had to push myself physically everyday to prove to myself, my coaches, and the boys that I belonged on the team and deserved my spot. It taught me to work hard and to be confident and comfortable with everything I do.”

More than proving herself, Emmott, who is an accomplished rugby player at the Provincial level, says that sports should be an outlet for anyone, including other young women.

“Sports for me are an outlet. When I go to practices or games I get to leave whatever has happened that day behind and focus on the game and my team. Sports are my happy place that I can always count on to brighten up my day and I look forward to leaving it all on the field. I feel like sports have made me a stronger person both mentally and physically.”

Happy International Women’s Day from the Chatham-Kent Sports Network. #InternationalWomensDay2019

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