8 Reasons Why Athletes Should Try Floating Therapy

Floating therapy you say?

Float Tank

Well, it’s just a little secret weapon used by a few unknown athletes like Steph Curry, Tom Brady, and Wayne Rooney.

If it works for those mega-superstars of the sports world, it has to be worth a try, right? Luckily, for athletes in Chatham-Kent, Floating Therapy on Victoria Avenue in Chatham has two tanks ready to help you recover, and reach your peak performance.

How will floating help you? Here are 8 reasons why athletes should be using floating therapy:

  1. Pain Management – Back pain, neck pain, tendinitis, bursitis, inflammation, and psychosomatic pain relief? These benefits have all been documented via tank use, not to mention magnesium absorption, which is a key to pain relief. How many athletes have been banged up, and need a way to speed up recovery? Floating can help with recovery, healing, and pain management.
  2. Athletic Performance – Performance is what it is all about. Perform better, move to a higher level, get recruited, achieve your goals. Epsom salt baths help draw out toxins, lactic acid build-up, and speed up recovery time. This is why floating has been adopted by many professional athletes from Brady, Curry, Rooney, and Olympic gold medallist Carl Lewis. Some NFL teams including the New Orleans Saints, Detroit Lions, and New England Patriots.
  3. Increase Immune Function – Let’s face it, during the season, athletes can’t afford to get sick, and they need to find ways to stay healthy to practice, train, and perform at their peak. Immune function is enhanced while floating by suppressing stress hormones which weaken the immune system and suppress the digestion and reproductive systems.
  4. Improved Sleep – Rest after games, and after training is paramount. Sleep for young athletes is a vital component to preparing for upcoming games, feeling mentally prepared, and recuperation. From managing chronic stress and inducing a natural calm to facilitate introspection, many people report drastically improved sleep patterns following a float.
  5. Rehab and Recovery – Even top athletes, who practice every preventative plan they can get injured. When an injury occurs, athletes need to heal as well, and as quickly as possible. Magnesium absorbed through your skin during a float helps relax muscle tissue and encourage blood flow, accelerating rehabilitation and recovery.
  6. Enhanced Senses – Research indicates increased visual acuity, improved tactile perception, and improved auditory sensitivity after floating. Imagine being more physically aware and in tune to to your surroundings during competition. A split second on the ice, court, or field can mean winning or losing.
  7. Reduced Jet Lag and Fatigue – Floating has quickly become a popular technique for minimizing the affects of jet lag and fatigue. One hour in a tank is roughly equivalent to 6-8 hours sleep. Although you’re not likely to suffer from jet lag until you’re playing at the NCAA, International, or Pro levels, who doesn’t want and need 6-8 hours extra sleep compacted into a single hour?
  8. Visualization – All athletes should be visualizing their on ice, field, or court play. Seeing themselves succeeding, and achieving goals. The meditation and quiet provided during a float gives athletes that time, without distraction. Meditation itself has a plethora of researched benefits and floating is a unique and phenomenal tool to cultivate mental stillness.

If you have an athlete dealing with injury, needing a leg up on the competition, or who deals with stress, give Floating Therapy in Chatham a call at 519-397-4221 or visit www.FloatingTherapy.ca to book a float.

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