Our Champions: Chatham Thunder U16 Ringette Team

Chatham Thunder

Chatham U16 Thunder

“Our Champions” features teams who were on the verge of a title before the coronavirus pandemic ended their season prematurely. This week we celebrate the Chatham Thunder U16 ringette team.

This season came to an abrupt halt, in an unprecedented and once-in-a-lifetime way. The Chatham Thunder u16 team was well on its way to a western regional championship and then, it just stopped. No more games, no more practices, get togethers or anything! So, it’s time to recognize Our Champions.

Let’s start with the regular season. The team had a record of 15-2-1 with three games to go. They hadn’t lost a game since November 17/2019 !!! Chatham had put up some of the most insane numbers, including scoring 108 goals and only giving up 32 in those 18 games. You want momentum? Since January 1st..even more incredibly, the ladies had gone 9-0 with four shutouts. They trounced everyone in the new year, scoring 67 and allowing only 11. This was a juggernaut of a team that was just hitting it’s stride going into the most important part of the year. Then came the virus…season over…nobody wins.

So..if nobody can play for a gold medal at the end of the season, let’s look at the tournaments Chatham entered this year. First, they played in the London tournament back in November. They won their first gold , going 5-0 for the championship. They didn’t just win..they blew everyone off the ice. How’s 32 goals for/ 3 goals against with 3 shutouts? Championship material I’d say!

Okay..Okay. So they won the first tournament in convincing fashion. How about the second? Guess we’ll go to Cambridge this time and see what happens. Well…they won another gold going 4-0. 28 goals scored/ 6 against. The opposition was nothing more than cannon-fodder.

The real story-teller of this lost season happened one week before shutdown. Chatham had entered the Niagara Falls tournament that was structured into tiers. The teams with the best records only played against similar ranked teams. The best play the best. Chatham played St. Mary’s (the team technically ahead of them in the standings due to more games played) and put a whooping on them 7-2. Up next was powerhouse Caledonia. BOOM…Chatham handed then an 8-1 thrashing. Cambridge? Here’s another lopsided 8-1 win. And just for good measure, Chatham beat Cambridge again in the final 4-0. Similar ranked teams??? I think not. Chatham was obviously in a class of their own.

Enough with the stats, the wins and all the gold medals. The parents of the Chatham Thunder u16 team are proud of everything these ladies did this year. It is a shame that they didn’t get a chance to play for the championship. Thank you for everything ladies, you put on a show every time you hit the ice! Make no mistake about it…you are OUR CHAMPIONS!!!

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