Local Runner Achieves A Koole Accomplishment

People celebrate their 21st birthday in a variety of ways. There’s parties, cake, gifts, trips, restaurants, dancing and more.

Chatham’s Peyton Koole however, accomplished a unique feat on her 21st birthday…she ran an ultra marathon.

Starting in Erie Beach and travelling roughly 50km on her birthday, the local athlete chose to spend her birthday doing what she loves most…running.

“I chose to run on my birthday because running is my favourite thing to do, so I thought what better way to celebrate my than doing my favourite thing,” said Koole.

“I started at Erie Beach and ran into Chatham with my dad for the first half and then did 5km and 10km loops with friends in Chatham for the second half.”

Koole has run four marathons in the past including the Cleveland Marathon at age 15, the Detroit Marathon at 16, the Erie Marathon at 18, and most recently, a virtual marathon around Chatham last year during COVID-19 lockdown.

For some, birthday’s come and go, but Koole prepared for hers, and finished the day with a “Koole” accomplishment.

“I felt really proud of myself when I finished because running an ultra was something that I have wanted to do since I started distance running,” explained Koole.

“It had also taken me months of tough training and seeing it all payoff was very exciting.”

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