Gaining And Giving Life Experiences Through Recreation

Asiah Tatsu leads a group of children in the Learn To Play Soccer program – Photo by

Asiah Tatsu loves her job.

She’s gaining valuable life experience working for CK Recreation, but more importantly, she’s giving valuable life experiences to the youth she leads.

“I am very glad that I am able to work for CKRec,” says Tatsu. “I was interested in working for them mainly because I enjoy working with children, and I liked that this job allowed me to do this.”

Tatsu started this past summer working as a Junior Recreation staff member at camps in Chatham, and has participated in the Play Rangers program, and serves as an instructor for Learn To Play Soccer and the Red Cross Babysitting course.

Tatsu believes in what CK Recreation offers not only the youth who participate in programming across Chatham-Kent, but also in the benefits of working for the organization for teenagers such as herself.

“CKRec allows you to gain new skills and experience while working in a fun and creative environment with other teens and CKRec staff,” she explained. “You get to meet different participants in the programs and enjoy connecting with them and thinking of and leading activities for them. Along with this, CKRec offers opportunities throughout the year to get involved in that work well with your school schedule, which is another great benefit.”

The smiling faces and active youth following Tatsu’s lead each week are evidence that she’s making a positive impact on her community. She’s creating a memorable and safe space for children who will undoubtedly remember her, as she enjoys getting to know them, and her fellow staff as well.

“My favourite part about working in recreation is the participants that I get to meet and the staff that I work with. I really enjoyed working as a Jr Recreation staff last summer. I got to meet and work in a great team of leaders and Rec staff, and that allowed camp to be a very fun and smooth experience for the campers and for us. I also liked interacting with the participants in games and crafts, which also made my experience very enjoyable.”

While many teenagers spend their evenings and days glued to screens and devices, Tatsu is gaining incredible experience for a future career, and helping build a new generation of healthy, active youth in Chatham-Kent.

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