Chatham’s Karolyn Pham Picks Up DQ Win

karolynpham3On Aug 13th in London Ontario at the London Music Hall, Gracie Barra Chatham student Karolyn Pham fought in her second amateur MMA bout.

The event “Black Ties and Black Eyes” was put on by Prospect Amateur Fighting Championships. Karolyn 0-1 going into the fight against debuting Muay Thai champ Isabelle Lacroix of MAS Muay Thai in Cambridge ON.

Karolyn won the fight and improved her record to 1-1 but was denied her victory. Isabelle threw and illegal knee to the head 10 seconds into the match costing her a point. The fight continued as there was no injury. Quickly afterwards Karolyn was attempting a takedown when Isabelle threw an illegal kick to her grounded opponent costing her the match by disqualification at about 40 second mark in 1st round.

Up next for Gracie Barra Chatham will be GTA Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classic in Brampton ON Sept 10th (approx 15 students competing) then back in the cage Sept 17th in Kitchener at Sons of Victory. Dee-Jay Ladouceur, Tyler Paddick and well known for his Rugby Chad Nolan will be making his debut.

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