Chatham Ball Hockey Seeking Help

Chatham Ball Hockey League

Pictured are the Novice champions from the 2016 Chatham Ball Hockey League – Contributed Photo

Chatham’s Ball Hockey League is seeking volunteers for the upcoming 2017 season to help to move the organization forward, and to keep opportunities open for local youth.

Long time organizer Wyatt Williams put out a call for help, as he hopes to keep Chatham’s ball hockey culture strong, and to infuse “new blood” into an organization he’s poured his heart and soul into over the last several seasons.

“I think the time has come for me to start my phase out,” wrote Williams. “I enjoy seeing how the league has developed over the years, and with some new blood, I think it could become better, as the product (ball hockey) is a great sport.”

Williams, who will stay on overseeing several positions, is seeking assistance and volunteers to serve as Division Conveners for the Novice (2007-~2008), Peewee/Atom (2003-2006), and Bantam/Junior (~1999-2002) divisions.

Conveners will assist with coach selection, recruiting, equipment, and competition organization for each division.

Williams, who will continue to run the girls division, along with several other aspects of the organization, says he needs a commitment from community members, or the age group divisions will be removed.

“If the league is to survive for the near future, these changes are necessary,” Williams urged parents and community members.

Anyone interested in helping, or learning more, should contact Wyatt Williams by calling 519-351-0364 or emailing

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