Local Jiu Jitsu Competitors Bring Home A Medal Haul

Jiu Jitsu Chatham

Austin King and Isabelle Armstrong show off their medals – Contributed Photo

A total of 26 students at Armstrong Academy of Martial Arts and affiliates competed a Ontario International Open last weekend in Oshawa, Ontario collecting a total of 2 Gold, 7 Silver, and 10 Bronze medals. The event is the largest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu competition in Canada drawing more than 1700 competitors.

Individual results in respective weight, belt and age divisions including Honour Clark – silver, Griffen Bayley – bronze, Isabelle Armstrong – bronze, Lincoln Kocsis – gold, Maxwell Bayley – silver, Austin King – bronze, Chhoeuy Seng – gold, Breanna Klassen – silver, Frank Brady – bronze, Kyle Macmillan – bronze, Darko Alfaro – silver, Darshan Alfaro – bronze, Chris Matias – silver, Ryan Klassen – bronze, and Devon Klassen – bronze.

Adult results, Professor Thomas Armstrong – silver in Black Belt division and bronze in Absolute (no weight class), Robbie St. Jean – Silver in Blue Belt division and bronze in Absolute division.

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