Scouting Report: Cyclones Win High Scoring Affair Over Sting

By Matt Pepper

On Wednesday, January 8th, one of the highest scoring games of the year happened at Memorial Arena.

The Chatham-Kent Cyclones ended up walking away with a 7-5 win over the Lambton Jr. Sting. Both teams played a wide – open, offense first game that was exciting for everyone in attendance. With two wins against the Sting this week, the Cyclones have moved out of the basement (past Sun County). With one game remaining, the Cyclones will finish either 11th or 12th in the standings. With Chatham-Kent not qualifying for Playdown action, they will begin a playoff against non-playoff teams. Once we know who will be playing, we will provide updated information on these series.

Star players from this game are:

#10 Landen Hookey, F, Lambton Jr. Sting – Excellent power forward who uses size and skill to dominant on the ice. Difficult player to contain when handling the puck as has deceptive speed and skill once in motion. Difficult to contain.

#91 Dylan Dupuis, F, Lambton Jr. Sting – Had a big rebound goal in this game and was also dominant on the powerplay setting up Watson at the top of the circle. Good team player with a good motor.

#78 Dylan Watson, F, Lambton Jr. Sting – Smaller sized forward with good skill. Scored two goals in this game with an excellent release. Big goal scored off a goaltender steal. Smart player that uses himself as a decoy when his teammates have the puck.

#97 Beau Depencier, F, Chatham-Kent Cyclones – Big two goal game for Depenicer in this game. Had a lot of jump in this game, getting himself into good positions to complete passes and scored goals. Good forecheck all game.

#44 Ryan Richardson, F, Chatham-Kent Cyclones – Excellent skater with quick acceleration. Scored two goals in this game, including one when he was going down in front of the paint. Lots of heart with this player and puts it on display during every shift.

#13 Jacob Julien, F, Chatham-Kent Cyclones – Put the nail in the coffin in this game with an empty net goal that he out – hustled the opposition to get. Smaller forward, but doesn’t get rattled by opposition size. Smart player who uses his teammates well.

For game highlights, please see below:

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