Brother And Sister Celebrate On Ice Success In Michaud Family

Michaud hockey

Thomas (left) and Brooke (right) Michaud

When you list the areas top male and female hockey players, you don’t have to get far down the list before the name Michaud pops up.

That’s because Brooke Michaud and Thomas Michaud have found on ice success at every level.

Often, brothers and sisters have their differences, but when you watch the Michaud’s play, and hear them talk about each others success, it’s obvious that Brooke and Thomas have more in common than not.

“My brother has been a huge impact for me, the reason I wanted to play hockey was because he played,” explained Brooke Michaud, who is starring this season with the Southwest Wildcats of the PWHL. “Watching him play and contribute to every team he’s been on has been a huge learning point for me.”

The older Michaud, Thomas, plays for the Leamington Flyers, and is one of the top defensive forwards in the GOJHL.

Growing up, the Charing Cross pair also spent a lot of time on the ice together.

“Growing up, me and my sister would always be on the ice, whether it was being on our backyard pond, the 6am skates or even road hockey games we’d always be pushing each other,” said Thomas Michaud.

“He’s always pushing me to get better in one way or another, whether it’s going out for morning skates or telling me how to improve after my games,” echoed Brooke.

If Brooke and Thomas Michaud pushed each other growing up, it’s easy to see why they’re now celebrating the success of their sibling.

“He’s having a great season this year and I’ll never get sick of watching him play,” said Brooke of her brother.

“I’m very proud to see what she’s accomplished and all the opportunities opening up to her,” says Thomas of his sister. “To see all her hard work paying off at the junior level is definitely something I’m proud too see. With many schools in contact with Brooke I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her.”

Happy Family Day!

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