Abrupt End To Season Not Expected To Greatly Impact OHL Draft Status Scouts Say

When the hockey season ended abruptly due to the coronavirus outbreak, it also ended a process for OHL teams who were preparing for the 2020 OHL Draft.

Luckily, most of the season’s major events had finished, with the exception of the biggest two of all, the USA’s National Championships, and Ontario’s OHL Cup.

According to a pair of area scouts however, who work for independent scouting outlets NeutralZone.net and TheScout.ca, most of the leg work had already been completed by teams prior to the OHL Cup cancellation.

“With all the tournaments throughout the year, and all the scouts at them, the Minor Midget age group is well identified and teams know what they need moving forward,” said Derek Munroe, who works for NeutralZone.net.

“Most teams should have their draft list at this point, but won’t be able to add playoff performing into the equation,” echoed Matt Pepper, a scout for TheScout.ca.

While most teams likely have enough to go on, that is not to say the positioning or fate of a few players won’t be altered by missing the OHL Cup.

“OHL Cup will have a big impact as some of the clubs have a smaller scouting staff and wouldn’t have extensive live viewings of each league,” said Pepper. “OHL Cup would be the best tournament along with the Marlies Holiday Classic to see the best players in the province in the biggest tournament of the year. Not to mention, the OHL Cup has a huge media presence and how a player reacts to that is vital.”

Despite the lack of a 2020 OHL Cup, players across the Province will be anxiously sitting at their computer and waiting for a phone call on April 4 during the 2020 OHL Draft.

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