Pavey Named New President Of The Wallaceburg Thunderhawks

The Wallaceburg Thunderhawks have a new president, with Ray Pavey being named to the position this week.

Pavey, who had been serving as the team’s Assistant General Manager and Director of Player Personnel, takes over from Darryl Lucio.

“We are truly excited in the direction our hockey club is going and are committed to bring a competitive team back to Wallaceburg,” Pavey told CKSN.

“We have taken a few steps forward over the past couple of years, but feel across the organization we still need to improve,” said Pavey.

Pavey says he and current owner, coach, and general manager Ken Shine are ready to move forward with the organization to keep improving.

“Ken, myself and the ownership group feel today is a fresh start, a chance to refocus our mindset, move forward with a new structure and vision,” he said of being named president.

Former president Darryl Lucio is moving on to other ventures in his professional life, but wishes his former organization nothing but the best.

“Just that with running the Chatham Pro Shop and starting a new venture in Sarnia, unfortunately I just didn’t have the time anymore that being a president of the hockey teams requires,” Lucio said. “I wish Ken Shine and the rest of the Thunderhawks all the best.”

Pavey and the Thunderhawks have started re-signing veterans and new players in anticipation of a season, whenever that can occur, and the new president is excited to get winning results on the ice.

“We have a committed group of athletes who continue to challenge each other to work harder, and once everyone buys into that accountability, the organization will see the desired results,” he said.

The Wallaceburg Thunderhawks finished 9th in the PJHL Stobbs Division last season missing the playoffs. It was their first season playing under the Thunderhawks nickname after rebranding from the longtime Wallaceburg Lakers.

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