Horney Stays Focused During Abnormal Season

Kirsten Horney

“This season has been like no other. With games being canceled or postponed due to COVID protocol it is upsetting but all I can do is continue to work hard daily and be prepared for all games whenever they may be. Continuing to practice how I want to play.”

That’s an amazing mindset for a University athlete to hold during the abnormal year that is has been with COVID-19.

Those words, from second year Adrian College hockey player Kirsten Horney echo the sentiments of many athletes.

For Horney, her Adrian College teammates have had the chance to play scrimmages and a few exhibition games, and still have hopes for a shortened season to occur.

“As a team we train everyday as we are in a normal season, keeping our good habits and good work ethic will keep us prepared always,” she explained.

“This year hasn’t been easy for anyone and some days are harder than others, but all I can say is that I am so thankful to be where I am right now, at Adrian College still being able to participate in school athletics safely.”

For Horney, who is a Chatham Outlaws and Southwest Wildcats alumni, this participation with her team is what has kept her going during the pandemic.

“Hockey is what keeps me sane during this pandemic, having the opportunity to still play is a gift I cherish,” she said.

Last season, Horney notched 11 goals and 12 assists for 23 points in 24 games as a rookie in the ACHA. When th season begins, she’s hoping to have a major impact on the Adrian Bulldogs and lead them to the National Championships.

“As this season starts to look a little more normal a goal of mine is to win the national championship with my team, which is set for April 14th-20th. Working hard now for the championship ring is something we will not lose sight of.”

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