Marandee Hunter Trades In Goalie Glove For Baseball Glove

Marandee Hunter
Marandee Hunter tracks the puck for the St. Thomas Tommies – Photo by SRM Photography

Marandee Hunter has been one of the regions best athletes for years now. A true testement to that is her multi-sport skills.

Recently, Hunter was a star netminder for the St. Thomas University women’s hockey team.

This year, Hunter traded in her trapper for a baseball glove, transferring to Fanshawe College where she is now starring for the school’s fastball team.

“I love the coaches on the Fanshawe team, they have always been very kind to me and taught me many things. So when they asked me to go to Fanshawe I didn’t hesitate,” said Hunter.

The Fanshawe coaches have also been Hunter’s coaches for the London Lightning. She moved to Fanshawe to join their accounting program and get her CPA.

“I have always had a spot in my heart for both softball and hockey. So I was so excited that I have now gotten to experience both. It is very exciting and nerve racking to play at a higher level of ball. I have gotten to play a few games now and I am loving it. The girls on the team make it so fun and help me calm down before an at bat. It’s such an amazing atmosphere to be in.”

Hunter was no stranger to high pressure, being one of the top goaltenders in USports in 2019 prior to the pandemic. A Chatham Outlaws alumni, Hunter had the option of pursuing softball or hockey at the University level, and originally chose hockey. Giving up that portion of her playing career however was not easy.

“It was definitely disheartening to end playing hockey at the varsity level. It just wasn’t a good fit for me especially when COVID-19 happened,” she explained.

“I wanted to be closer to home, but still wanted to play a sport I loved. I love hockey, but softball has always been my favourite to play, I have always connected with my teammates better in softball. I will miss playing hockey, but that doesn’t mean I can’t still play it from time to time.”

Hunter has been off to a strong start with Fanshawe, and with her athletic skills, she’ll undoubtedly continue to be an impact player in whatever sport she chooses.

Marandee Hunter, back row, fourth from the left, with her Fanshawe softball team
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