Postma Fitness Celebrating Nine Years

Nine years ago, things look a lot different for Ricky Postma and Postma Fitness Centre.

Back then, classes were running out of the Blenheim United Church, then to a small room over the Blenheim Pool, a larger space for a few more years, and finally, to a full service gym on Talbot Street in Blenheim. Now, the 5000 square foot gym features an array of equipment and classes unchallenged in Blenheim.

“It has been a fun ride,” said owner and founder Ricky Postma of the 9 year journey.

The gym recently celebrated their nine year anniversary, with a variety of events.

Offering open gym access 24 hours a day, fitness classes, and training, Postma believes they have a lot to offer to those hoping to improve their health.

“Our members believe we excel with our friendliness and cleanliness. We offer a top notch facility with new equipment and strive for A+ quality in all three levels of service in our gym – personal training, class training and open gym training.”

Although the quest for a professional training facility has kept Postma busy, the opportunity to meet members of the Blenheim and Chatham-Kent community, and help them along their journey has made every challenge worthwhile.

“The amount of great people we have had the privilege to work with has made these 9 years very memorable,” said Postma. “We have built some amazing relationships with so many good people that it makes coming to work every day a fun time. For some of our clients the hour they spend here is the best hour of their day so you can imagine how much fun our days can be.”

Postma hopes the gym, and relationships in the community will continue to grow, and welcome people to become healthier, no matter their age or current ability.

“We offer a variety of services suitable to all fitness levels. We offer programs for kids, seniors and everyone in between. We offer personal training for those looking for one on one attention and finally we offer a gym where you can do your workouts your way. Whatever your fitness needs are, PFC can be the best part of your day.”

And for many in Blenheim and Chatham-Kent, Postma Fitness Club is already the bright spot in their day, and community.

To learn more or register you can visit Registration costs as little as $1 per day.

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