South Kent Lightning Ready To Hit The Ice

South Kent Lightning - South Kent Minor Hockey Association

The new South Kent Minor Hockey Association Lightning away jerseys.

Only months after the announced amalgamation of Ridgetown and Blenheim’s minor hockey associations, the newly formed South Kent Minor Hockey Association, nicknamed the South Kent Lightning, is ready for their inaugural season.

“The merger has went along very well,” says South Kent co-president Derek Trugden, who previously served as the president of the Ridgetown Minor Hockey Association.

“Our board of directors and executive have been working very hard to get things rolling being that we are starting a new organization from start. I am sure there are going to be a few hickups along the way but we will be able to adapt to the situation,” continued Trugden.

“Things are going smoothly. With the enthusiasm of the Board of directors, I have every confidence that things will be great,” added Scott Wilson, the Lightning’s other co-president, and former president of the Blenheim and District Minor Hockey Association.

“The amalgamation process has brought out the best in our community leaders and has helped us find common ground for the betterment of our youth,” says South Kent Minor Hockey director Dr. Jody Anderson. “The amalgamation process naturally has had its challenges. Through the leadership of Derek Trudgen and Scott Wilson, our entire Board has enjoyed a successful and efficient transition,” added Anderson of Trugden and Wilson, who are South Kent’s co-presidents.

With skates and tryouts starting September 3, the South Kent Lightning will be fielding teams from Novice to Midget, with the Juvenile Ridgetown-Blenheim Chiefs also operating under the organization’s governance.

The merger also means the new South Kent Lightning will be competing at the BB level when it comes to OMHA playdowns, an increase in category from the DD (Ridgetown) and CC (Blenheim) designations each centre held before.

The organization will be using both Blenheim and Ridgetown arenas at full capacity this winter.

With the puck ready to drop, according to Anderson, it will be exciting to see two communities, who were once rivals, become teammates and supporters of one another.

“Blenheim and Ridgetown have enjoyed a history of spirited competition,” says Dr. Anderson. “Under SKMHA, our youth and parents will have the opportunity to invest their passion and competitive energy into a unified effort. We are all excited to see the youth hit the ice.”

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