Jana and Logan Kucera Looking Forward To Nationals

Jana Kucera Logan Kucera

Jana Kucera (left) and Logan Kucera (right)

Chatham’s Jana and Logan Kucera recently won an OCAA silver medal with the St. Clair Saints women’s basketball team. They’ll be competing in the Canadian college Nationals March 14-16 in Quebec City, an opportunity they’re looking forward to.

“Winning the silver medal at OCAA’s feels amazing,” said Jana Kucera, who led Ontario in scoring and was an OCAA First Team All-Star this season. “It is an outstanding achievement for our team and great to know that all of our hard work finally paid off.”

While Jana was starring for St. Clair, her twin sister Logan had the ups and downs of a broken clavicle this season, which now that she’s fully recovered from, she is thankful for the support of her team, and ready to contribute at Nationals.

“My teammates, coaches and trainers supported me while I was recovering and when I returned,” said Logan Kucera. “It meant a lot to me to compete at provincials and to be able to be healthy and feel like I played at full strength. Contributing to the team’s success means a lot, but realizing our team goal of reaching the podium means so much more.

Now the duo has their sights set on Nationals.

“Competing at Nationals is going to be such a surreal experience,” said Jana Kucera. “Competing as one of the top 8 teams in the country feels pretty incredible.”

“Having the opportunity to compete at Nationals in Quebec City next week is so satisfying,” added her sister Logan. “It will be a great team experience and I am looking forward to playing teams from across our country and seeing where we fit in. No matter what, we are so proud to say we are part of the top 8 teams in Canada.”

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