Hokey Langan Ready for New Challenges in New Season

Hokey Langan - Ohio State Buckeyes

Hokey Langan - Ohio State Buckeyes

She’s done being the rookie, and she’s over the sophmore slump. Now Hokey Langan is preparing for new challenges in a new season; one that will be her junior season with the Ohio State Buckeyes womens hockey team.
“Now being a junior on the team, I definitely want to be a leader and a role model for my fellow teammates and as I now have some experience,” said Langan who two seasons ago led the WCHA in scoring and was named WCHA rookie of the year.
After exploding onto the NCAA womens hockey scene, Langan struggled with injuries last season, which saw her production slip a bit. Unlike many player who might see the injury as a step backward, Langan said she has used this event to learn from the game, and with months of training under her belt, is ready to get back on the ice better than ever,

“Fortunately my injury wasn’t career ending and I only had to sit out a few months of play, but in doing so, I got to see the game from a different perspective, which truly allowed me to notice and learn a lot of little aspects of play that make a huge difference. I just got done training 9 weeks at school, and I’m still training here at home. It’s those little things that will hopefully allow me to take my game to the next level.”

Langan isn’t blind to the fact that nothing will come easy, but with a new season around the corner, she’s ready to take on the challenges, and do whatever it takes to help Ohio State win and one day reach her goal of representing Canada on the ice,

“You have to embrace the hardships. Its all the hardwork that one doesn’t want to do. Most important would be nutrition, and right following that is the training. Being dedicated in those two areas I believe will allow myself to be able to compete with the many talented hockey players in Canada.”

The challenges aren’t just coming and being conquered on the ice, Hokey Langan is also focusing on her success in the classroom with a focus on Sports and Leisure in the college of Human Ecology and Education,

“I’m doing well in school, and enjoying my courses,” said Langan, “This year is when my classes get pretty specific to my career of choice. My plan is to be a head coach to be able to teach others the game I love, or second choice to be involved in anything with sports and recreation.”

With many challenges passed and many more ahead, Langan is ready for her third year of NCAA hockey and school, beginning with classes in September and the start of Ohio State’s regular season October 9 against Bemidji State.

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