Gross Set To Settle Grudge And Win FW Title At ECC 18

Jesse Gross - File  Photo

Jesse Gross – File Photo

Rising featherweight and Wallaceburg born fighter Jesse “The Ghost” Gross will face hometown star Gavin Tucker for the vacant featherweight title at ECC 18 in Halifax, on September 28th.

Gross (8-3) is on the rise and currently on a two fight win streak at his new 145-pound weight class. He has faced some of the toughest fighters around and his convincing win over established veteran Tristan Johnson displayed a much improved game. Gross needs no motivation to punch people in the face and always brings a Diaz-like style and charisma to the cage, but this fight has turned personal and is just dripping with bad blood.

Immediately following Gross’ impressive victory over Johnson at ECC 17, Tucker (7-0) came into the cage and got in Gross’ face in true WWE/UFC fashion. Needless to say, The Ghost was not too impressed.

“Oh one hundred percent this guy has got me wound up so bad. I don’t think he realizes or did it on purpose or he did it at all but did he ever upset me. Once I came home and it had time to settle in I was like, I can’t believe he got in my face like that. The motivation has been there all summer long.”

This fight has been pegged as a match between two of the best rising featherweight’s in Canada and is happening at a good time for both men. Tucker is the undefeated hot shot on the rise, and despite the fact that he has not fought the caliber of opponent that Gross has, a win over Lyndon Whitlock is not to be dismissed. Gross has been in that hot shot seat before, as he burst out of the gate 6-0 in his professional career at lightweight before a premature step up sent him on a three fight losing streak.

Gross is a more complete fighter this time around and feels more experienced than his younger opponent. There is another reason why Gross can’t wait to put a loss on Tucker’s record.

“A big reason why I don’t like this guy is that I see so much of myself in him from when I was 6-0 and coming up in the rankings. He reminds me so much of me, I see it and I friggin’ hate it,” he chuckled.

“I feel like I have been through the grinder he is in right now. I have been that undefeated, rising fighter who is hustling to make a name for himself. Now, this fight is just like familiar territory for me.”

The fact that Gross sees a bit of himself in Tucker is all the more reason to expect this one to be the fight of the night. Both these men have a reputation of raw toughness and aggression, and only one will be standing victorious on September 28th.

Win or lose, and provided Gross comes out of the fight healthy and without a medical suspension, he will have no time to rest before he meets his next challenge. He has been pegged to co-headline Provincial Fighting Championships first show in London on October 26th.

I hope Gross shows up to PFC with an ECC belt around his waist.

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