Three Medals For Cobras

Cobras Taekwondo medalists - Contributed Photo

Cobras Taekwondo medalists – Contributed Photo

Cobra’s TKD Training Centre located in Chatham had 3 athletes representing Petrolia/Cobra’s Team (PCT) all making the podium at the Michigan-Midwest Championships earlier this month.

Keegan Kovar(8) competed in the 8-9 years old blue to red stripe division. He was victorious in the semi’s with a score of 20-4 and finished with silver losing 11-6 in the finals.

Brandon Benoit(10) still a green stripe moved up to the greeen belt, blue stripe, blue belt, red stripe 10-11 years old division. Brandon also finished with silver. He won the quarters 8-0, semis 8-7 and lost the finals 10-4.

Jewelian Blackbird(14) competed in the Cadet Olympic Division. Jewelian finished her final cadet competition with gold. Match 1 12-2, quarters 10-0, semis 5-2 and finals never happened as the athlete threw the towel in prior to the start of the match.

Blackbird also competed in the Junior Olympic Division. Both Olympic Divisions were run double elimination. Her first match was against the eventual gold medalist with a close match 5-3. Coming back threw the double elimination bracket she won her next match 14-2. Meeting the 2013 Junior Pan-Amercian Champion. Another hard fought match just wasn’t enough falling to a score of 5-0. She finished with bronze in this division.

Blackbird was also nominated for “Chris Canning memorial award” given by the tournament host, an award given to an outstanding young athlete in Taekwondo each year. She was selected to the final 4 along with 2 male athletes from the United States and 1 female athlete from Costa Rica. The Costa Rican athlete ended up being the receipant of the award.

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