High Five For Mom, Fischer Style

Fischer Family Sports - Jack Parry

The Fischer’s – (left to right) Camden, Brayden, Shauney, Brett, Elizabeth, and Sawyer – celebrate Shauney’s Jack Parry Award in 2012 – Contributed Photo

All year, not only on Mother’s Day, moms across Chatham-Kent deserve a high five, and much more, for their contributions and support given to young athletes. Wallaceburg’s Elizabeth Fischer, mother of five athletes playing travel sports is a prime example of one mother who deserves an extra thank you this Mother’s Day.

“My mom has been the soul reason that my siblings and I began playing sports,” says Brayden Fischer, a multi-sport athlete who is committed to play football next season for the University of Windsor Lancers.

“She has put in countless hours driving us all around to practices and games. She has encouraged us all to play as many sports as possible when we were young and has continued to encourage and teach us as we get older.”

“My mother is my hero,” says Shauney Fischer, who plays OUA basketball for the York University Lions, and is a former winner of the prestigious Jack Parry Award as Chatham-Kent’s top high school student-athlete. “I still don’t know how she is able to raise us, as well as run around five kids on her own, but she does it on a daily basis. And I appreciate it so much. Her endless support and love is one of the main reasons why I am where I am today.”

(Left to right) - Shauney, Sawyer, Brayden, Elizabeth, Brett, and Camden, celebrate Brayden's Kent football title with WDSS - Contributed Photo

(Left to right) – Shauney, Sawyer, Brayden, Elizabeth, Brett, and Camden, celebrate Brayden’s Kent football title with WDSS – Contributed Photo

For Elizabeth Fischer herself, it’s simple. She loves her children, and wants to see them be successful, and have fun. Coaching baseball, hockey, football, ball hockey, and basketball over the years, Fischer is involved in every aspect of sport and athletics with her children. Although some people don’t understand her commitment, her response to those who wonder how she does it is simple.

“My response is this, I do it because I love it. I am lucky enough to get to do this. It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a privledge,” says Fischer, who herself played varsity hockey for the University of Toronto.

“My parents coached and came to everything me and my brother and sisters ever did,” continued Elizabeth Fischer. “Still do in fact, so I had excellent role models. I love spending time with my kids, I love watching their successes, big and little, and I love talking through their defeats and disappointments and making a game plan for the next time.”

Despite how hard it can be, Elizabeth Fischer personifies what it means to be a caring mother; and she wouldn’t change a thing for the world.

“I wouldn’t do anything different, no matter how busy or how broke I am. I am very blessed to get to share these moments with them,” says Fischer about her time with her children.

And how do Fischer’s children see her, and describe the contribution she’s made to their lives.

“She has inspired us to do anything we want,” says Sawyer Fischer, a Kent basketball all-star this past season while playing for Wallaceburg. “Has never told us we couldn’t do a sport to our finest. She’s has always pushed us to do our best. She always knows how to make us become a better athlete. She has been there from the first and pushes us through our greatest obstacles.”

When it all comes down to it, Fischer’s children know that they wouldn’t be where they are without the love and support of their mother, and that despite their shining personal accomplishments, their mom deserves much of the recognition as well.

“My mother deserves full recognition of any success my siblings and I have had over the course of our lives,” says Brayden Fischer, a three time Kent football all-star, and former WDSS Male Athlete of the Year. “I truly would like to thank her for everything she’s done for all of us, she knows we love her and we all wish her an awesome Mother’s Day.”

“I love her so much and am so thankful for her,” added Shauney, the oldest of Elizabeth’s five children. “She has always pushed me to be the very best person and player I can be. I don’t know where I would be without her.”

With Mother’s Day upon us, it’s a time to look at all of the mom’s out there, who give up so much so their children can reach for their dreams. As Sawyer Fischer says, there is really only one message to send to those mother’s, including Elizabeth Fischer.

“I love her,” says Sawyer, “and I couldn’t ask for a better mom.”

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