Through Daniel’s Lens: Parents Behaving Badly

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File Photo of Roger’s Centre in Toronto (Daniel Swan)

My apologies to my readers for the lack of articles lately but I am hoping to post some new material as soon as the warmer weather arrives and some sports events are organized. But for now I would like to examine something that I am hearing an awful lot about in the media, and that is Parents of kids in sports that get into brawls with parents from the opposing teams.

I have always been taught that in every sport, the key to a great game is first and foremost to put the thought of winning out of your head and make having fun the basis of your strategy. I do agree that winning a game is a great feeling but when I see things like this I am left scratching my head wondering if these parents really get the true idea of sportsmanship.

You ever seen the show Dance Moms in which the coach and Moms of the dancers push them to be a winner at all costs, there seems to be something like that going down with this. I heard recently that the parents who got into a fist fight in BC were disciplined by being banned but sometimes I wonder if that will be enough. Remember that sometimes even something like a ban can’t change someone’s mindset about sports and winning.

On a personal level, I have been to many games where parents have stood on the sidelines yelling at their kids about how they were playing and based on some of the stories I have heard this doesn’t do well for their self esteem.

I’m not saying all parents are like this because I know many parents who cheer their kids on and mourn their losses with grace and dignity, but as with anything there are a few out there who ‘Just Can’t let It Go’

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    Paul Mooney 9 years

    Hi Dan,
    I do agree with what you saying but I am disappointed that you have chosen a High School girls rugby match as your lead picture. Rugby prides itself on being an all encompassing sport where all those involved are respectful to other players, officials and spectators, on and off the field.

    Respectfully yours,

    Paul Mooney
    President Kent Havoc RFC

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      Daniel Swan 9 years

      Dear Paul:
      Thanks for the constructive criticism in regards to my article, and I do know how Rugby is an amazing sport where everyone is part of a great team. My apologies for the initial post but I simply forgot that I had a stock picture in my archives of the Skydome and posted it initially with one of my Rugby pictures. Again thanks for your help on this one it does mean a lot to me as I do pride myself on writing good articles 🙂