Cobras Tops At Taekwondo Open

Cobras-2015-TOCobra’s Taekwondo Chatham recently had athletes competing for PCT- Sport TKD Team at the Sport Taekwondo Open held at York University on March 28 and 29. This was a event host by World Taekwondo, Master In Kyung Kim and sanctioned by the Ontario Taekwondo Association.

Maddux Beuckelare (6) competed in the 6-7 year old yellow belt division, Katy Kovar(7) in the same age and belt category female division, Jayson Reno(8) competed in the 8-9 year old yellow belt division and Brandon Benoit(12) competed in the 12-14 years old blue belt/red stripe division. All four athletes placed 1st. The colour belt portion of this competition took place on Saturday March 28th.

Sunday March 29 competition was the black belt divisions. Jewelian Blackbird(16) competed in the high performance junior division (15-17 years old) winning her first match 9-0. She caught her opponent with a direct stay shot counter early in the match for a standing 8 count. Jewelian wasn’t able to capitalize in the finals losing 8-6 in the finals finishing 2nd.

Brandon Benoit moved up in belt division competing in the black belt cadet division, he won his first match by point gap with a score of 13-1. He also came up short in the finals losing 8-5 finishing 2nd.

Trenton Blackbird(10) competed in the 10-11 youth blackbelt division. Winning matches 1 and 2 with scores of 3-0 and 13-1. Trenton took the finals in to sudden death overtime, giving up the first point to also finish with silver.

Keegan Kovar(9) put on an amazing display in the 8-9 year old black belt division. The comments received from coaches, referees, other school parents was unreal. Keegan truly went all out at this competition, winning his first match 10-1, second match 15-2 and the finals the other school threw the towel in before the match even started.

Cobra’s Taekwondo students and Chatham PCT athletes have just started practices in their new facility on 19 King St. E. Programs are available for both recreation and high performance training.

Attached photo front row Katy Kovar, Keegan Kovar, Jayson Reno. Middle row Brandon Benoit, Trenton Blackbird, Jewelian Blackbird. Coach Ryan Formosa in the back. Missing from photo Maddux Beuckelare

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