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Chatham’s Larry Lahey has completed his book, which goes on sale August 24 entitled ‘The History of Kent County High School Sports’.

According to Lahey, he decided to release the book, which took 16 months to complete, and spans 210 pages, when the former KCSSAA disbanded in 2014.

“When I learned that the Kent County Secondary School Athletic Association (KCSSAA) would be dissolved in June of 2014 I realized that the 90-year old KCSSAA history could be lost because the present trophies would no longer be needed by the new Lambton Kent Athletic Association,” wrote Lahey in a media release. “The 50 or so trophies were collected and the information recorded.”

Lahey’s book recognizes the outstanding local athletes, coaches and teams from Kent County’s high school athletic history. It shows what has changed, what has stayed the same and what needs to be done to have an excellent athletic program.
There is a chapter on each of the 19 high schools that have competed in KCSSAA. In addition there is a chapter on each of the 14 sports sponsored by KCSSAA.

In addition the following topics are discussed: Olympians and All-Canadians from Kent County, teams and individuals who have won OFSAA gold medals, the visit to Chatham by Harlem Globetrotters, Goose Tatum and Sweater Clifton.
Unusual happenings are mentioned: CCI loses a girls basketball playoff game due to a nervous breakdown, the CCI boys’ hockey team are pelted by snowballs in a game against Petrolia, schools dismissing, as a reward, their students at noon the day following victory at the county track meet, track athletes changing in horse stables at early track meets, girls not permitted to participate in track and field, Chatham hosting an intercollegiate football game, free milkshakes for winning track events, girls’ names in the newspaper for committing fouls, and much more.

Cost of the book is $25 and it will be available at Lenover Meats (Park Ave., Chatham), Instant Print Shoppe (Richmond Street, Chatham), Instant Print Shoppe (Wallaceburg).

Larry Lahey is an honoured member of the Chatham Sports Hall of Fame

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