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Hokey Langan - Coaching - CKSS Hockey

Hokey Langan, seen here coaching with the CKSS Golden Hawks, has accepted a position with the Notre Dame Hounds – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/

Chatham’s Hokey Langan has stepped into a new hockey role this season, after being hired by the Athol Murray College of Notre Dame Hounds hockey program in Wilcox, Saskatchewan.

Langan, who has aspiration of coaching at the NCAA or CIS level, will be the Assistant Female Hockey Coordinator, and coach of the ‘AAA’ female hockey program at Notre Dame, a school which is known as one of the most prestigious hockey prep programs in the world.

“I took this job honestly because it was a step in the right direction for me, and I knew with an optimistic mindset only positives would come out of it,” says Langan of her new position. “I had known that Notre Dame was a prestigious school, with a ton of history, and a lot of people have roots here. I had been given the opportunity as the Assistant Female Hockey Coordinator, under Janice Rumpel who I knew I will learn a lot from. Along with this position I was asked to Coach the AAA female program here as well. I have been beyond grateful so far with this opportunity and am excited for the year to play out.”

Langan spent last season coaching as an assistant with the Chatham-Kent Secondary School Golden Hawks girls program, as well as in the Chatham Outlaws, and South Kent Lightning organizations.

The opportunity to continue educating young girls about hockey, and helping them to reach their playing and academic goals, was a driving force behind Langan’s decision to take the position at Notre Dame.

“Being at the rink everyday, educating these girls about not only hockey on and off the ice, but the importance of academics and just life situations in general is something I am super passionate about; and this opportunity here at Notre Dame allows for exactly that. I am surrounded by people who have huge hearts and the same interest so the transition to a different province has been pretty simple. ”

Langan is used to high level hockey herself, and the challenges young athletes face, as she spent four season playing NCAA Division I hockey for Ohio State, where she finished her playing career as team captain. Langan also represented Team Canada at the U18 level, and suited up for Team Ontario on multiple occasions.

Although Langan knows she still has work to do to reach her coaching goals, she is willing to put in that work at Notre Dame, and is grateful for the opportunity.

“The motto here at the school is Luctor et Emergo, which is latin for Struggle and Emerge. And that is what I honestly plan on doing here,” says Langan. “I am super excited to learn as much as I can. I’m aware that it won’t be easy at times, but I am positive that I will develop as a coach, and a person with this opportunity here at Athol Murray College of Notre Dame.”

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