Beuckelare, Kovar Win Gold

Taekwondo-ChathamFour athletes that train out of Cobra’s Taekwondo Training Centre recently competed at the Jung Ko Classics that was held at the Markham Pan Am Centre on October 03, 2015.

Maddux Beuckelare won the 6-7 year old, yellow/green stripe gold, while Keegan Kovar won 10-11 year old, black belt fin weight gold at the event.

Although their coach, Ryan Formora was proud of the win for his students, it was the overall development of his athletes at the event he was proud of.

“The wins or losses don’t matter, most important is development that was received at this competition as for any other tournament,” wrote Formosa. “All though tournaments are not mandatory, CTTC highly promotes competitions as it is a rewarding way for student/athletes to experience confidence, being part of a team/family and the enjoyment the student/athletes have practicing what they have learned against other student/athletes from other schools.”

Also medalling at the event were Jayson Reno, who won silver in the 8-9 year old green/blue stripe division, and Trenton Blackbird, who won bronze in the 10-11 year old black belt middle weight class.

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