LKSSAA South Junior Badminton Results

CKSS won the overall team title at the LKSSAA South Junior Badminton tournament.

Colin Kloostra best his CKSS teammate Adrian Stubberfield in the boys single final.

In girls singles, Diana Lucarelli of UCC defeated ESPC’s Meagan Crow.

In girls doubles, CKSS’ Maddy Turnbull and Kirby MacKinnon defeated UCC’s Erica and Isabella Demartinis.

The boys double final saw Hunter Henderson and Bailey Rolph of ESPC beat UCC’s Dakota Vangoethem and Tom Bondy.

Finally, in the mixed double final, UCC’s Olivia Hunter and Thomas Myers defeated Drew Davis and Ashton Van Heldon of CKSS.

The top 6 in each division will advance to next weeks LKSSAA final.

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