Dylan McLay: CK Election & Sports Interview

Below are the Chatham-Kent Election and sports interview responses for Ward 4, North Kent candidate Dylan McLay of Tupperville. Remember to vote October 22.

Name: Dylan R. McLay

Hometown: Tupperville

Ward: 4 North Kent

Sport and athletics in general have been a very important part of society since ancient times. I believe
that Chatham-Kent has a great history in sports that will continue for many years to come. The Maroons have their youth movement well under way with a very bright future. The Red Devils are currently taking part in the playoffs hoping for a chance to lift the J.A. MacDonald Trophy and maybe even the Founders Cup. The Dresden Kings are going into the 2018-2019 season with hopes of adding to their success over their rich fifty-seven year history. What that means is that sports at the Jr. level are alive and well in Chatham-Kent. Vibrant sports programs are key to the community in many ways. Minor levels weather it be house league, single A or triple A, teach the young members of our community, our future, many things including team work, communication, and the importance of active living. Every time you read the sports highlights in the local news papers you always find that our many minor sports teams and athletes are out winning many championships making Chatham-Kent proud. A gem that everyone in Chatham-Kent needs to be proud of is “Ontario’s Little Saratoga”, that of course is the Dresden Raceway. Home to Standardbred racing, this track is probably one of Chatham-Kent’s best kept secrets.

There is no doubt in my mind that a new arena complex is needed in Chatham-Kent. It is long over due. A project like this needs the input of the people of Chatham-Kent, the ones who will use it. Not decided on solely by council or city staff. Increasing active living in our community is something that must continue to happen, especially with our population of seniors and children. A reminder to all that October 22 nd is Election Day and everyone needs to get out and vote so there voice can be heard.

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