Burke Bechard: “I Truly Believe That Sports Made Me The Person That I Am Today”

Burke Bechard OUA basketball

Burke Bechard jwith the University of Guelph – Photo by Karyn Stepien

When a young female athlete looks at Dover Centre’s Burke Bechard, she hopes they see someone who has worked hard, and overcome adversity.

“When a young athlete looks at me I hope that they see someone who has been through a bunch of rough parts, but has come out the other side as a stronger person,” said Bechard, who overcame four knee surgeries and a torn ACL to be a OUA All-Star this season for the University of Guelph.

“Even though I have been through adversity I have learned that life will never give you more than you can handle. Through my injury I gained a new appreciation for the sport and experienced basketball from a different perspective and I truly believe that sports made me a better player and the person that I am today.”

Sport for Bechard, has been an integral part of her everyday life, and learning.

“Sport has allowed me to develop an appreciation for sacrifice and giving your all in order to achieve success. Through sports I have learned the importance of team work and have made relationships that will last a life time. I have also learned time management skills and organization through balancing sport school and life for many years.”

The London Ramblers alumni thinks that basketball is the perfect sport for any young woman looking to get into athletics, and she has a message for them.

“I would tell them that basketball is more then a sport and that the lessons you learn and the friends you make will last a life time. I would tell them to cherish all the little things and to be thankful for all the opportunities you receive. In all the hard parts and while doing drills you need to enjoy and realize all the positives of them and hope through the hard practices you are able to come out not just as a better player, but as a better person.”

Happy International Women’s Day from the Chatham-Kent Sports Network. #InternationalWomensDay2019

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