Local Buyers Hoping To Keep The Lakers In Wallaceburg

Wallaceburg Lakers

Several individuals have stepped forward with interest to purchase the Wallaceburg Lakers and keep them in Wallaceburg – Photo by Kelsey Vermeersch/ CKSN.ca

After word spread the the current Wallaceburg Lakers ownership was looking at moving the team to Tilbury, many within the community of Wallaceburg were upset by the news.

Although Tilbury residents were enthused by the potential move, Wallaceburg residents started rallying to keep the team in town, including at least one group of potential buyers, who wished to remain anonymous for the time being.

“There are a group of people trying to invest and raise money to buy back the Lakers for the town of Wallaceburg,” said one individual interested in purchasing the team.

Founded and operating in Wallaceburg since 1972, several interested buyers want to keep the tradition of the Wallaceburg Lakers in the town, and at least one group has already opened talks with current Lakers ownership.

“The people involved in trying to keep this team in Wallaceburg have the love for hockey, love the game, hard core fans, and are involved in hockey,” said one of the prospective buyers. “The team has been here for years and we don’t want it to go anywhere. We’re trying to raise funds to keep it here in Wallaceburg.”

Although the price of the team was not explicitly disclosed, multiple individuals who have inquired about the Lakers, report the asking price has been between $80,000 to $100,000 for the franchise.

Although the funds and details need to be in place, for some of the potential buyers, time is the real concern. They want the team’s future, and ability to plan for the future in Wallaceburg to be secured soon.

“The clock it ticking,” said a member of the potential buying group. “We’re going to continue to try to purchase it to prevent a fold, or move, but time is running out.”

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