Renae Nevills: “Just Because You Are A Girl Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Accomplish As Much In The Sport Of Hockey”

Renae Nevills

Renae Nevills with the Western Mustangs – Photo by Matt Hiscox

Western University defender Renae Nevills wants young girls to play hockey, and to know they can achieve anything.

“If I could tell any young girl that’s thinking about playing hockey it would be plain and simple, go and play the game,” Nevills said. “Hockey is a great way for young girls to create many friendships, it’s always a great atmosphere getting together with your best friends to play the game that you love. You’re going to make many memories with your teammates from long road trips, to over night stays at hotels, to funny inside jokes within the locker room. Whether you want to play at a high competitive level or just want to play for the enjoyment of the game hockey will teach you so many life lessons that you’ll carry with yourself for years to come.”

A UCC Lancers and Chatham Outlaws alumni, Nevills has seen what sport can do for women, and she knows that sex is no barrier for what you can achieve through sport.

“Just because you are a girl doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish as much in the sport of hockey. Strive to be the best hockey player you can be and always give your 100%, whatever that may be. Set your goals high and push yourself to reach them. Dream big, work hard and you’ll end up where you want to be one day.”

Those are important words from a player who has competed with one of Canada’s top University hockey programs the past two seasons.

For Nevills, a Thamesville product, and Kinesiology student, hockey has been such an important part of her life, she knows the lessons the game can provide.

“Hockey has meant so much to me, it’s been my life e ver since I was three years old. To me hockey isn’t just a sport but it’s where my family is,” said Nevills.

“The friendships and memories that are made through hockey are unlike any other. I have the privilege to be playing hockey at the University level at Western University and I’m very thankful for that opportunity as it has made me the person I am today. It’s taught me leadership and time management skills, as well has shown me the power of hard work and where it gets you in life.”

Happy International Women’s Day from the Chatham-Kent Sports Network. #InternationalWomensDay2019

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