Thomas Michaud Leading Leamington

Thomas Michaud

Thomas Michaud is currently leading the Leamington Flyers in scoring – Photo by Wyatt Williams/

Thomas Michaud and Levi Tetrault of the Leamington Flyers will face Cameron Welch of the Komoka Kings in round two of the GOJHL playoffs.

Michaud and Welch were both parts of early season trades from the Chatham Maroons sending the local players out of town.

Michaud, a Charing Cross product, was the leading scorer for the Leamington Flyers, collecting 7-points in their five game elimination of the Strathroy Rockets.

Welch of Blenheim, had 2 goals and 2 assists helping the Komoka Kings eliminate the Chatham Maroons in five games in round one.

Levi Tetrault captains the Flyers, and was recently named the GOJHL Western Conference’s Best Defenseman.

Leamington won game one of this series on Thursday 4-0.

As well, Kyle Dawson and the London Nationals will take on the LaSalle Vipers as round two of the GOJHL playoffs get underway. London defeated LaSalle 6-2 in game one of their series.

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  • comment-avatar
    Jacky 5 years

    Michaud is a stud, can’t beleive chatham traded a local kid that plays with 100% heart…
    Kids like Michaud wins championships
    If I were chatham id beg and plea to get him back maybe you would make it past the first round

  • comment-avatar
    Ken 5 years

    We want Mich back
    Pay them what they want he was chatham maroons

  • comment-avatar
    Beatrice 5 years

    Oh when will you figure out build a championship dont try to buy one
    My kids wanted nothing more then to watch Michaud you made probly the bigest mistake by trading him

  • comment-avatar
    Charlie 5 years

    Dint chatham new coach watch our last year playoffs Michaud was chatham top face off guy and his goal in Lassalle still being talk about. To ship our local talent away after preaching that they were going to build a team was all b/S

  • comment-avatar
    Bob 5 years

    Look at the three local kids playing in Round 2, Michaud, Welch and Teatrault, imagine if you spent money on your local talent, Mr Sachchez?

  • comment-avatar
    Brandy 5 years

    We were @ kamoka tonight Michaud got another point. He killed over 30 min of penalties. He was plus one in the 2:3 game the kid so fun to watch.
    Sorry Chatham you just lost a fan to Leamington Flyers go mich go