Problem Solved Edmonton Oilers: Reunite The Best Line In Junior Hockey

Ken Holland took over a mess with the Edmonton Oilers.

Here’s what he does have…the best talent in the world in Connor McDavid, and another elite center in Leon Draisaitl. He’s also got a path of charred earth with remnants of a dozen or so first round draft picks who were either ruined, then discarded…or simply discarded for little return.

So what has Holland got to lose? Nothing? Everything?

He’s got no real starting goalie, a hodgepodge blueline, and such little scoring depth on the wings, you’d think he was back with the Wings.

Listen, what I’m about to say isn’t a legitimate option, but hear it out. It’s a low cost, low risk option.

It involved reuniting Connor McDavid with Connor Brown and Dane Fox to reform the best line in Junior hockey in the big leagues.

Yes, that’s right. I just suggesting bringing in Thamesville’s Dane Fox, who has never played an NHL game, and only has 2 AHL games to his name.

We’re a local sports outlet, and we love our local players. Dane might not be an NHLer, but for a two-way contract, where the worst case scenario involves him scoring a bunch of goals in the AHL, let’s take a look at this.

Connor Brown is very available from the Toronto Maple Leafs, with only a $2.1 million cap hit. That’s a bargain for a guy who can be a regular 20-goal scorer in the NHL in a top-six role.

Fox spent the last two years in Germany’s top league, the DEL, a league filled with ex-NHLers, and before that was a more than point-per-game player, and 30+ goal scorer in the ECHL (yes, I know, the ECHL).

McDavid, well, he’s a superstar.

Together in 2013-2014, the trio played for the Erie Otters, and they were unstoppable.

Fox had a remarkable 64 goals and 107 points in 67 games. His point total trailed only Brown, who had 45 goals and 128 points. The youngster on their line, McDavid, notched 28 goals and 99 points.

They were the best line in Junior hockey, and had undeniable chemistry.

Fox was named the OHL’s Overage Player of the Year, and was signed by the Vancouver Canucks, while Brown was already a pick of the Toronto Maple Leafs, and McDavid was waiting to hear his name called in 2015 by Edmonton.

Fast forward a few years, and Ken Holland is looking for wingers who can play with McDavid. Well, I just named two.

It’s far fetched, but it’s fun to think about. Maybe trade for Brown for starters, and give Fox a minor league shot? Put them together for a preseason game or two, and just see what happens.

It’s an experiment worth considering.

So Ken Holland, are you ready to be a risk taker, and think outside the box, or are you going to do the same old same old?

Dane Fox (left), Connor Brown (middle), and Connor McDavid (right) were Junior hockey’s best line in 2013-2014

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    Sara 4 years

    Did you come up with this idea based on this past season that saw Strome reunited with DeBrincat?