Wiseman Talks About Opportunity To Coach Edmonton Oilers

Bothwell’s Brian Wiseman discusses his recent hiring as an assistant coach with the NHL’s Edmonton Oilers Tuesday.

Wiseman opened up about his time with the University of Michigan Wolverines, his own alma mater, and the place he’s served as an assistant coach for the last 8 seasons, as well as his new challenge with the Edmonton Oilers to Bob Stauffer on Oilers Now, on 630CHED.

“This place has been a special place to me. It changed my life when I decided to come here in 1989 and enrol as a freshman in 1990. It’s a special place and a place I believe in with what the university provides our kids and our student athletes,” Wiseman said about playing and coaching at the University of Michigan.

A gifted offensive player himself, including with the Chatham Jr. Maroons, Wiseman is excited to see the offensive creativity present today in the NHL, and will get the chance to work win two of the games elite offensive talents in Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl.

“I love offence. I love being creative. That’s kind of how I tried to play when I could play, but I love where the NHL game is today,” said Wiseman. “In its most recent years it’s been fast, you have to think fast, you have to play quick, and you have to make plays. It certainly is attractive with the guys who are in Edmonton now.”

Wiseman played for new Oilers head coach Dave Tippet in the 1990s with the IHL’s Houston Aeros. He’s excited for the reunion with the Oilers.

“I played for Dave in the ’90s in Houston, and he was one of those coaches back then. He had the ability to communicate with his players, get the most out of his players, and he commanded a lot of respect from his players because of the relationships he built with each and every one of us.”

“It’s exciting to be a part of this development process with these guys.”

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