Kent Bridge Huskies Win League Championship In Dramatic Fashion

Kent Bridge Huskies

The Kent Bridge Huskies won the Lambton-Kent Ladies Fastball Title – Contributed Photo

The Kent Bridge Huskies took part in the Lambton-Kent Ladies Softball playoff tournament this past weekend in Courtright, winning the league championship in dramatic fashion.

The top 4 teams played off in the A flight while the bottom 5 teams played off in the B flight.

Kent Bridge finished first in the regular season, facing 4th place Wallaceburg to open the tournament, winning by a score of 11-1 in a 5 inning mercy. The winning pitcher was Makailey Bray who pitched the 4th and 5th inning allowing one run on 2 hits while striking out 1. Sarah Ytsma pitched the first 3 innings striking out 8. Makailey Bray had 2 doubles, Hannah Roesch and Cassie Whiteye each had a double and a single. Sarah Vellinga, Leslee Ward and Karen Bourassa all had 2 singles each. Lauren Nicholson had a triple. Ytsma, Shayna Carey and Elissa Noah all had a single.

Next up for the Huskies was McArm Construction (Petrolia) Saturday morning. Kent Bridge lost by a score of 3-1 sending the team to the losing bracket in the double elimination tournament. Sarah Ytsma was the losing pitcher, pitching all seven innings. She allowed 10 hits while striking out 13. Makailey Bray had a double and triple, Sarah Vellinga had a triple, Hannah Roesch and Cassie Whiteye each had a single.

The Huskies has to win from there on out.

Kent Bridge next faced Cravins (Sarnia) Saturday afternoon winning 9-4. The winning pitcher was Makailey Bray who allowed 9 hits while striking out 3, pitching all 7 innings. Karen Bourassa hit 2 home runs. Leslee Ward and Cassie Whiteye each had 2 singles. Emily Robertson had a double. Ytsma, Vellinga, Makailey Bray, Roesch, Elissa Noah and Lauren Nicholson all had a single.

This win put the Huskies back to the winning side where they would now have to beat McArm Construction 2 times to win the Championship.

The team did just that, beating them by a score of 4-3 on Saturday afternoon. Hannah Roesch was the winning pitcher who pitched the 1st 5 innings allowing 3 runs on 8 hits while striking out 3. Ytsma got the save, pitching the last 2 innings allowing no hits and striking out 3. Roesch and Ward each had 2 singles. Vellinga, Whiteye, Noah and Natalie Bray all had a double each. Ytsma had a single.

The Huskies returned to Courtright Sunday morning to play the second game against McArm, beating them 3-1 to win the Championship. Ytsma pitched the entire 7 inning game allowing only 3 hits while striking out 14 batters. Bourassa had 2 singles, Nicholson had a double. Ytsma, Vellinga, Roesch, Ward and Noah all had a single each.

Pictured Above: Front row left to right: Cassie Whiteye, Hannah Roesch, Sarah Vellinga, Karen Bourassa, Makailey Bray, Natalie Bray, Shayna Carey
Back row left to right: Coach Jimmy Bray, Coach Jay Owen, Emily Robertson, Sarah Ytsma, Leslee Ward, Elissa Noah, Lauren Nicholson, Coach Jennifer Roesch, Coach Jim Roesch

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