Maroons Players Help Uplift Hospitalized Young Fan

Chatham Maroons

Former Maroons netminder Adam Harris visits with, and drops off a signed stick and photo to fan Tristan Kozlof-Godreau – Contributed Photo

Typically, hockey fans cheer for players on the ice, the glass dividing their two worlds. This past week however, several Chatham Maroons players turned their attention to a young fan in need, cheering him on and lifting his spirits while hospitalized in London.

Tristan Kozlof-Godreau is a Maroons super-fan. He attends every Chatham Maroons home game, handing out high fives to the players as they enter and leave the ice, and he also travels to Maroons playoff games.

Tristan was born with severe aortic stenosis, and had multiple heart surgeries in the first three months of life.

For the most part, Tristan has battled and managed his condition, until a few months ago, Tristan became ill. An infection was in his blood, and impacting the inner linings of his heart. He was hospitalized in London, which is when the Chatham Maroons took off their skates, and went to work to support their young fan, who had supported them with such dedication.

“During his week in London hospital, Tristan was blessed with many visitors,” said his Mother Amanda, who also listed his Chatham Diamonds baseball coach among visitors who lifted Tristan’s spirits.

It was the Chatham Maroons’ response to Tristan’s hospitalization and fight with infection that overwhelmed both the young fan, and his Mother.

“The response from the team and fans has been overwhelming,” explained Amanda. “Between text, Facebook messages, face time, and comments on Facebook for Tristan, the Maroons kept him smiling the whole week.”

“Also a few players on the Maroons showed up to visit Tristan in the hospital and one also met Tristan once we were home. Even on Tristan’s upsetting days in the hospital, these young, amazing players kept him laughing and smiling during those times.”

Former captain Dane Johntone, goalies from last season Tristan Lewis and Adam Harris, and current Maroons Zach Power, Kyle Fisher, and Brett Fisher were among the Maroons who took time to support Tristan, who will turn 8-years-old this weekend, through his time in London hospital.

The team also brought autographed photos, sticks, and jerseys.

“My heart is so full of love and I can’t thank everyone enough for all of their thoughts, prayers, love and support. Thank you to family, friends, Chatham Diamonds coaches and parents, and the Chatham Maroons and all of their fans, you guys kept us strong and helped us through this rough time.”

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