This Is My Home – By Maddy Lavoie

By Maddy Lavoie

The smell of chlorine instantly overpowers me the second I step onto the green and white tiled
pool deck. Some of the tiles have been cracked from years of swim practices and meets. The tiles
have history and have witnessed everything from swim lessons to college athletes breaking school records. These are the tiles that challenge me to continue to step forward and be the next swimmer to make history on them. As I continue to walk across the Delta pool deck, my eyes instantly begin to squint from the bright fluorescent lights that beam down from the ceiling. The lights seem like stage lights presenting to me the unoccupied water that is in the pool. It is as if it was my invitation to dive in and come home. The water is crystal clear, shimmering against the lights. The water is still, but I feel as if it is taunting me to make a splash. I stand on the pool deck and notice the green and white plastic lane ropes that are hooked in place waiting for a
visitor to come. I am wearing my green and white swim suit and my black cap with the green Delta triangle. My dreams of becoming a college athlete are now no longer dreams.

This is my home and the place that pushes me every day to become a better swimmer, student and person.

Maddy Lavoie

Maddy Lavoie is a sophomore swimmer at Delta State University. She will be chronicling her season on

This is the place where hopefully I will make my mark.

My name is Maddy Lavoie and I am from the small town of Wheatley. I grew up very ambitious
and competitive in the pool and the classroom. I had dreams at a young age of being a college
athlete, breaking records, attending Olympic Trials and representing my hometown, as well as my country the best that I could. These dreams are now finally starting to become a reality. I could not be successful in this sport if not for the support I received in my hometown and area. I was constantly encouraged and helped by others to reach my dreams and become the best that I could be. I would not be where I am, at Delta State University in Mississippi, without this support. I could not do this venture alone and I have the greatest support system in order to make me successful. I am just starting my sophomore year at DSU as a full time swimmer and student.

I will be writing to you to tell you about my season this year and to tell you of the many things
that happens in the mind of an athlete. I look forward to you joining this journey with me as I go through sophomore year at DSU.

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    Arthur La Riviere 4 years

    Avery nice letter.I wish you the best of luck on your journey God Bless

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    Danielle Cartier 4 years

    Maddy, what a great description of your home away from home. Reading your article for the third time, I can feel myself being there and seeing you swimming, always your best; you are a winner not just in swimming but in writing. I will keep on following you in your journey. Good Luck! Love you, Grand mere.