Who Is The Best Local Junior C Team Of The Decade?

Wheatley Sharks

Action from a 2011 game between the Wheatley Sharks and Dresden Kings – Photo by CKSN.ca

Who was the top team from Chatham-Kent’s Junior C entries over the last decade? One team came ahead in winning percentage, points per game, and playoff success.

We took the last handful of games from the 2009-2010 season (anything in 2010), the first three-quarters of this season, and every year in between, and added the wins, losses and ties.

Every team didn’t play an even number of games, but the results still came out nearly identical.

For our winning percentages, we counted overtime losses as losses, but we also measured an average of points-per-game. We also did not count playoff games. In 2010, the Wallaceburg Lakers made it to the Great Lakes Junior C final, while the Wheatley Sharks advanced to the finals twice, once in 2011 and again in 2013.

In terms of overall winning percentages, the Wheatley Sharks are the top Chatham-Kent team of the 2010s during the regular season.

  1. Wheatley Sharks – 194-195-3 – Winning Percentage = 0.499
  2. Blenheim Blades – 189-200-6 – Winning Percentage = 0.486
  3. Dresden Kings – 180-213-5 – Winning Percentage = 0.458
  4. Wallaceburg Lakers/Thunderhawks – 80-317-1 – 0.202

When we look at points per game, which includes the points earned in overtime losses and shootouts, things looked almost identical.

  1. Wheatley Sharks – 410 points in 397 games – Points Per Game = 1.033
  2. Blenheim Blades – 400 points in 395 games – Points Per Game = 1.012
  3. Dresden Kings – 397 points in 398 games – Points Per Game = 0.997
  4. Wallaceburg Lakers/Thunderhawks 237 points in 399 games = 0.594

With that, we’re naming the Wheatley Sharks the local team of the decade.

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