My 7 New Years Sport Wishes For Chatham-Kent

Happy New Year everyone! Here are 7 things I wish for in Chatham-Kent for sports in 2020.

1. Equity – We’re putting this one on ourselves. We reviewed our articles from the past 12 months, and we can’t say we’re pleased to see the men’s sports versus women’s sports ratio. We are pledging to do better, immediately, in 2020, and work toward a 50/50, equitable split of coverage. It is absolutely what is needed in Chatham-Kent and across the sporting world. We’ll update you on this as the year goes on, and we ask you to keep us accountable.

2. A New Arena – It’s time to announce this, and move forward with a realistic, yet ambitious plan. Let’s go Chatham-Kent. We are not second best anymore, let’s make ourselves a true contender on every level. And, we also hope consideration is taken that closing two arenas in Chatham is not the best idea.

3. That The Thunderhawks Stay In Wallaceburg – I feel in my heart that this is a long shot given the low attendance this year, but I hope that ownership sees it through in Wallaceburg. It is a GREAT hockey town, with great citizens, who WILL back a team once things settle out, and all of the other chatter goes away. Just stay…please…

4. A Change In Hockey Is Going To Come – We don’t want to publish negative stories about hockey. Truly. We want adults and kids in the game to learn to be better, and to treat every human with kindness and respect. We want this beautiful game to be seen for what it is, like every other sport we cover – a game. Not a religion, not something to replace all other ideals and ethics, but a game.

5. Sports Tourism To Take Center Stage – Last year we had the Pinty’s, we had Rogers Hometown Hockey, we had OFSAA’s, and we had college sports, including an NCAA game featuring Bridget Carleton. This year we had the NBL’s London Lightning and Windsor Express play, but we want to see this industry build (a new, higher seating capacity arena would help). Sports tourism, whether it be fishing, hockey, volleyball, squash, golf, curling, basketball, or anything in between, is important for Chatham-Kent’s economy…and for our youth to see incredible events occurring and want to stay or come back. Seriously Chatham-Kent, give us a call, we’ll write the content, it’s what we do, and why CKSN was created in the first place.

6. It’s Time To Move Beyond Amalgamation, Even In Sports – Let’s just talk about this. Amalgamation was more than two decades ago. The kids playing sports in Chatham-Kent don’t even know what amalgamation means. Forget Tilbury, Dresden, Blenheim, Bothwell, Ridgetown, Thamesville, Chatham, Wheatley, and every inch in between. We are one. Here’s a new rule. If it can benefit two previous communities, it’s good for us all. It’s now all for one and one for all, but it’s all for better and best for all. The Kent Cobras exist. We’re the Chatham-Kent Cyclones. We’re the Chatham-Kent Crush. Our sports teams are amalgamating now, and our facilities are paid for from the same purse, so let’s get on the same page and realise that if Tilbury thrives, Wallaceburg thrives, and if Dresden thrives, Blenheim thrives, and if A + B = C, then C + A = B, and B + C = A. Got it?

7. That Everyone Finds Something They Love In CK – Pickleball, cricket, hockey, ringette, squash, badminton, running, curling, whatever. We just want you involved. If you don’t know where to turn, email us. Let’s make 2020 a healthier, more active year in Chatham-Kent. Let’s welcome a neighbour who just moved here. Let’s make sure our sports teams are equitable and inclusive. If you’re new to Chatham-Kent, welcome. If you’re been here for a while and don’t know where you fit, message us, we can help!

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