Should Super Bowl Sunday Be Changed To Super Bowl Saturday?

By Bill Cole

As we build up towards Super Bowl Sunday, there is a move afoot to change our plans in the future. A petition through is gaining thousands of signatures to move the game to Saturday. A lot of people have been saying for years the game lends itself better to a Saturday anyway.

Let’s be honest the game, unless your team is playing in it, and as a Lions fans there is no threat of that, Is an afterthought. The game is secondary to the event and what goes with it. When else can you convince your spouse that of course you need wings and nachos as an appetizer for the pizza. The beer is simply to help you get in the mood. All the gambling is necessary to help the excitement build.

It’s no secret job absence the day after Super Bowl Sunday is a big issue. It would be kind of nice to have the day off and it would be a hard sell in the US to declare it a national holiday, even tougher in Canada.

I’m a traditionalist but have to admit. I kind of like the idea. It’s not like there is anything going on that Saturday. I can’t believe this but but I say pack up the wings, and the nachos and the kegs and football themed napkins and paper plates. We’re moving.

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