Running Will Always Be With Beth Horrobin

Beth Horrobin

Beth Horrobin (right) running for St. Clair College

Beth Horrobin loves running. It literally runs in her family.

For the Wallaceburg product, who recently finished her running career as a member of the St. Clair College Saints cross country team, she will look back at her OCAA experience fondly.

“Running for St. Clair has been amazing,” said Horrobin. “As a school they are very supportive of their athletes, and running for their team has opened a lot of doors for once in a lifetime opportunities like training at the college competitive level, and getting to compete against so many different schools and in different provinces like Quebec and Alberta.”

“I think looking back I’ll always remember the friendships I made with my teammates and coaches. Training and racing is a passion of mine, but to do that with the support of teammates and encouragement and guidance from our coaches is what really makes the experience memorable to me.”

Horrobin, who helped St. Clair reach Nationals during her career, is recovering from an injury she incurred this season. Once that’s done, she’ll be hitting the road, with her goals set on completing a half marathon.

“Currently I am just getting back to training. I had to take some time off due to an injury from last season, but my next goal is to run my first half marathon.”

Do achieve that goal, she’ll be running with her family, and other enthusiasts in Wallaceburg with the Wallaceburg Running Club. Whether it’s competitive, or leisure, Beth Horrobin knows that running will stay with her throughout her life.

“I plan to keep running with the Wallaceburg Running Club, and hopefully make it out to more of their group runs,” she said. “I plan to keep running a big part of my life for many years to come.”

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