Chatham Ringette Is An Equitable And Inclusive Sporting Option For Families

A Chatham ringette team

When parents are choosing a sport for their young children, there are often so many options it can feel overwhelming.

That’s why Chatham Ringette wants to send a message to local families, that the game of ringette is not only the fastest game on ice, but one of the most welcoming and supportive games a young athlete can try.

“Chatham Ringette is home to such wonderful people, players, parents, coaches, and refs,” says Kara Jenner, the organizations Player Representative, and a coach herself.

“If you are thinking about trying the sport, we have an amazing learn to skate program, a great house league program, and travel teams for all ages. We also have an adult house league program that is quite fun. If questioning what program you want you or your child to join, you can contact Chatham Ringette Association and we would be happy to talk with you more about the programs and leagues that are available.”

With so many youth across Chatham-Kent dropping out of sport, Jenner feels that ringette is a game that can keep youth engaged, because it’s an equitable and supportive environment.

“It starts right from the beginning,” Jenner explained. “We take pride in the Learn to Skate program. We have a unique learn to skate program that helps develop the fundamental skills to bring forward as the child moves up age levels. When you are at the arena, it does not matter who is on the ice, everyone supports everyone. It’s the best sport community I have been involved in.”

In a sports world that can sometimes be filled with negativity, Chatham Ringette values inclusion, fair play, and equality, something they believe makes ringette the sport for anyone and everyone to try.

“Chatham ringette emphasizes equality, it is affordable, a fair sport and fair association. We take pride on being an inclusive association – it doesn’t matter your skill level, everyone is an important person and has an important role in being part of the team, which we find also helps players develop who they are as a team member and as an individual.”

For more information about Chatham Ringette, or to sign yourself, or your child up, visit for details.

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