Our Champions: The Mooretown Flags

Brodie Conlon

Brodie Conlon with the Mooretown Flags – Photo by CKSN.ca

“Our Champions” will look at local team’s who didn’t get to finish their season due to COVID-19. This week we celebrate the Mooretown Flags Junior C hockey team.

Mooretown had been dominant on their way to the PJHL Stobbs Division finals where they were slated to take on the Lakeshore Canadiens.

Mooretown featured multiple local hockey players including Wallaceburg’s Brody Genyn, Brodie Conlon, and Daniel Fraleigh.

The Flags didn’t get to start their PJHL championship series, or take a run at the Schmalz Cup due to the coronavirus.

Brody, Brodie, and Daniel, you are Our Champions.

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