Kyle Dawson Balancing School, And Professional Dream

Kyle Dawson lacrosse

Kyle Dawson with the Nanaimo Timbermen

Kyle Dawson has had an incredible year, including hearing his name called in multiple lacrosse drafts. Like many athletes, he’s still working to make the transition from Junior to professional, but his talent and drive are sure to keep him moving in the same direction.

Most notably, Dawson was selected 41st overall in the National Lacrosse League draft 41st overall by the San Diego Seals.

“It was quite a cool experience,” said Dawson of being drafted. “The NLL draft was by far the most exciting. For most of the drafts I had talked to a few teams in the league so I had some idea I had a shot at getting drafted but to my name called was something special and something I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”

Dawson was also a first round pick in the Arena Lacrosse League draft of the Paris Riverwolves.

Although playing at the highest level remains his goal, Dawson also anticipates he’ll remain engaged in lacrosse in other ways, most notably, in the future.

“I am interested in coaching because throughout the years I have had some coaches who have played a major role in my development and I want to do the same for other players coming up,” the Western University lacrosse player said. “Wallaceburg is a small community with a great lacrosse program and I want to keep Wallaceburg lacrosse thriving and I think coaching is a great way to do that.”

With the summer lacrosse season already postponed due to COVID-19, Dawson is thinking of missing out on the game he loves.

“If I don’t get to play this summer the thing I’ll miss the most is just the opportunity to play. After ending my junior career last season it hit me that this journey could end at any moment. If the season is cancelled it will be tough just wishing I could get back out there and play and I’ll probably be a little bored this summer as well.”

Dawson, a Wallaceburg Red Devils alumni, finished his Junior career last season with the Nanaimo Timbermen, where he was named the British Columbia Junior A Lacrosse League’s most sportsmanlike player, while scoring 25 goals and 47 points in 25 games.

While he still has the dream of making his National Lacrosse League debut, Dawson is also planning for a chiropractic career.

“It is hard to plan the next few years of my lacrosse career as I am intending on going to chiropractic school for the next few years which will definitely have an impact on lacrosse. My main goal would be to get into a pro game but with this schooling that might conflict. For the time being I would like to play at the highest level possible and someday make my debut in the NLL.”

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