Samara Whiteye: A Young And Inspiring Indigenous Athlete

Samara Whiteye

Samara Whiteye with the Chatham-Kent Crush – Photo by

Samara Whiteye loves the game of hockey. She also loves where she comes from.

“I am honoured to be able to represent my First Nation, Bkejwanong Territory, in sport. Hockey had been my passion since I was very young,” says Whiteye.

The standout netminder backstopped the Chatham-Kent Crush Midget ‘AA’ team this season as a first year Midget goalie.

Whiteye is proud of her heritage, and feels it gives her strength.

“Being an Ojibwe woman has helped me to connect with my teammates and opponents with respect and humility. And the courage to push myself further than I thought I could,” she said.

That drive includes big goals ahead. Or rather, stopping goals at a higher level.

“I look forward to developing my skills and working hard in competitive play so that I can represent my community in the NCAA and on Team Canada one day.”

As an Indigenous hockey player, Whiteye looked up to one of the world’s best goaltenders as she was growing up, Carey Price, who is also an Indigenous athlete.

“A role model I have always looked up to is Carey Price, a Native goalie playing in the NHL for my favourite team, the Montreal Canadiens. He has inspired me to play my best and showed me that with hard work the opportunities for me are endless.”

For Whiteye, the opportunity to continue playing hockey, and someday have other young Indigenous athletes look up to her in that way is important to her. With Whiteye’s positive attitude, and love for the game, she is already an inspiring young athlete.

“Being an Ojibwe woman I am proud of who I am and where I come from. I know it is important for me to stay positive, work hard, and become a role model to the young Native girls that want to be involved in hockey as well. It is important for these younger girls to be proud of who they are so they can also be successful in life and sports.”

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